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The Knights of the 21st Century, By Adrienne Papp

Knighthood is not something that belongs only to old times as portrayed in the legendary movie, the First Knight in which Richard Gere plays Lancelot and is costarred by Sean Connery and Julia Ormond. By Adrienne Papp

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Mary Pickford, The Woman Behind the Scenes.

Tweet By Adrienne Papp Mary Pickford has often been referred to as the Muse of the Movies. But, what she is really known for is her  influential role in establishing American Cinema and Hollywood as the capital of the Entertainment Industry. Many of the innovations in film history began with her, including method acting; close […]

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Principles of Success for the Toughest of Times, By Adrienne Papp

Alex Kaufman may not be a household name, but he is a celebrated American entrepreneur who survived the Holocaust and, starting with nothing, built one of the biggest chemical empires in American history.

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Miracle Laser Therapy

How fantastic it is when you hear about something new that makes a real difference in people’s lives instead of empty promises. We are bombarded with statistics on various addictions and how they ruin lives, but finding a real solution seems hopeless, after having tried everything to stop this devastating disease.

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