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The Karmic Significance Of the Film, The King’s Speech

By Brad Kronen

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Daughter of George VI.

In the time between writing an article last November about a yet to be released holiday season film and the ensuing Oscar buzz from that same piece of celluloid garnering a whopping 12 Academy Award nominations, I was surprised at the backlash reactions of so many to The King’s Speech, written by David Seidler, due it being considered a “period piece”.

Only last week, I was showing to my viewers a smashing slide show  of King George VI’s life, which accompanies the original piece from last November, bringing the question:  “Who would invest the time and money into a story about a King from way back, who on top,  couldn’t talk right?”

“Because all was nearly lost at the beginning of the war” I immediately answered in all seriousness, “And if not for 2 Brits who infused hope into their speeches when there really wasn’t any, we all very easily could have ended up speaking German today with a working knowledge of Japanese servantile verbs and responses.”

The 2 speech giving Brits were Prime Minister Winston Churchill and King George VI, the man whose impediments and presentations of speech are portrayed in the film which stands to sweep this year’s  Academy Awards, The King’s Speech.

This Leading Movie is Nominated for 12 Academy Awards This Year

Practically every American and British citizen under the age of 50 today has no notion of the karmic profundity regarding the crucial timing behind the events, which unfolded at the onset of World War II. With the exception of those who lived through it, most people don’t realize that in 1940, the War was practically lost – well before The United States became involved following the events at Pearl Harbor.

The Royal Family - Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth, The Queen Mother Mary, Princess Margaret, and King George

In a Veteran’s Day piece I wrote about Sir Winston entitled, Giving Thanks To Victory and Veterans, I support this view:

Doris Kearns Goodwin, THE voice of American history in her Pulitzer Prize winning account of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt’s lives during the Second World War, “No Ordinary Time” states that in May of 1940 the fate of the Western World was for the most part lost to the never stopping jaws of Nazi aggression and that by only the most miraculous of minute margins that month did the Allies recover from the reeling confusion of the Third Reich’s fast approaching tsunami of a vast sea of well equipped and well trained military due to some key blunders stemming from Hitler’s foolish pride. Blunders, which in turn, translated to last minute luck along with multiple lightning speed actions by the British troops at Dunkirk.”

The Royal Family from Coronation Day 1937 immortalized in the stained glass of Canterbury Cathedral

I go on to say:

“Even when most of London was smouldering from the flames of the Blitzkrieg bombs the Nazis dropped relentlessly night after night that July and many English wanted to immediately capitulate to surrender, Churchill did not falter to constantly inspire his people to not only hope for victory, but to envision themselves in a future where they had defeated the Nazis. The Prime Minister brought this vision of a victorious future home by constantly waving a “V” with his fingers whenever he was in public until the end of the war.

Through his rousing speeches, Winston Churchill would be the only beacon of light the British people would see as they clamored for their lives in the blinding darkness during the Nazi Blitzkrieg in the summer of 1940.”

The same can be said about the speeches of King George as well.

The painfully shy and usually unnoticed Prince Albert, later to be King George, stands in front of his elder brother, Prince Edward.

In the years that George VI was King, not only was he forced to face his worst nightmare of having to speak to an audience of countless listeners, but what came out of his mouth could NOT be in any way laughable or open to mimicry, let alone indicate any of the mental anguish or physical strain and discomfort his extreme stammering created. In those crucial choice years of his reign, Radio was live and real time, there was no other way to give broadcasts. Around the globe, people sat at the foot of their radios, since it was the life’s breath of yet another War that had come upon the world’s stage.  Instead of being held in a glitzy radio station studio, the reality of the King’s speeches stressfully took place in a small, dank, stuffy room, with no one else present but his speech therapist at his side, ready to assist should a muscular throat spasm harden and freeze The King’s throat.

King George VI of England on his Coronation Day, May 12th, 1937

Just as the American public was led to think their President was in optimal health and carried himself fine and dandy during any of his public appearances during the War, so too, were the people of Britain led to believe their King had an admirable speaking voice and gave speeches that were both rousing and smashing.

King George and Queen Elizabeth were the only crowned heads of Europe who refused to leave their subjects during the life threatening events England underwent throughout the The Second World War. The royal couple and their 2 young daughters endured the horrors of the constant nightly bombs from the Nazi Blitzkrieg, sitting amongst their people in the bomb shelters of London during the summer of 1940.

The first public speech George gave after the abdication in 1937. George's fear is palpable, but so too, is the strong encouragement and assured faith from his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

The King and Queen’s displays of bravery by refusing to leave their country during some of the most perilous times England had ever seen, along with the optimism infused through the speeches of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and King George VI, motivated the British people to hold on to the thinnest of hopes and carry on, eventually gaining victory over the forces of oppression that tried to annihilate their world.The Universe decreed that a young Prince with a debilitating stammer was destined to be one of the greatest monarchs in the history of England.

The only crowned heads of Europe who chose not to leave their country and sat with their people in the bomb shelters during the nightly horrors of the Blitz. King George and Queen Elizabeth visit the East End of London to see how their people fared after a heavy night of Nazi Blitz bombing – 1940.

It stands to follow that a “period piece” simply HAD to be made about a King trying to speak during one of the most unspeakable of times.

About the Author of this Article: Described as Tarot Master by the Huffington Post, and as an Astrologer Extraordinaire, Brad Kronen has been using his talent as a professional astrologer and Tarot reader , but also as a serious historian, for the last 20 years. A classically trained opera singer, Brad originally studied  psychology, earning a Bachelor’s Degree at Fairfield University in CT, eventually establishing a career as a professional operatic tenor before blazing his path as the acclaimed Astrologer and Psychic Reader he is known today.

Co-Authored by Adrienne Papp

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    I really loved this film….I think more history would serve us well. I never knew any of this about Europe and the Royal family. Quite interesting. A well written piece and I LOVE the photos. It tells the story well.
    Thank you
    Rob, NY

  • I never knew any of this! It is interesting to see how the Royal Family was connected to the events in history….And, my God we are talking about Her Majesty. Who would have known how important her father was! I think in America people do not care. I am sure that the writer has a European heritage….Although he is a historian so that might be the other aspect. A very strong piece! Just like the movie. Thank you for this, I enjoyed reading it!
    Amber, Califronia

  • I am so pleased to read about the historic background of this film. I actually relate to it on many levels…It would take a lot to explain, but God bless the writer! He worked on it for 22 years. I saw him on 60 minutes! He did quite a piece of work here…

    and I really appreciate the fact that in this article we can see history in a blink of an eye….all is just there…quite a summary of the time that most of us Americans would not even comprehend. But, I think it is high time that we did….
    Thank you!
    Peter, Arizona

  • A remarkable piece! Thank you! I do not know one person who knew the human element behind the story…..written out like this….I am not surprised at all that this film GOT 12 OSCAR NOMINATIONS!!!?? A number of genius minds can drive the world forward. Quite clearly….I would love to know the writer….I can only imagine the creative process for 22 year!!!???

  • I am not at all surprised that this is the best film of the year, if not the decade!

    First of all, what is real? Our lives! I know Lady Adrienne. She kept on talking about “trues stories please, not some garbage out of Hollywood!” already 15 years ago! It is finally happening…. So , I salute her for that foresight! She has been fighting for that 15 years and she refused to write about “no-meaning” films, except some true futuristic pieces that tapped into the true potential of the human mind (and brain as she would explain the correlation) Adrienne is quite unique in explaining all this!!!!

    Thank you for this remarkable piece….I know that it was written by a genius historian, and Adrienne just co-authored it, – but these two knew what they were talking about! Just like the people who made the film!!!! I adore them!!! The writer absolutely deserves and Oscar! It is his trues story, and such as, his baby that teach us all!! And, it teaches on a large scale! This is not to be taken lightly…\
    Thank you!!!

  • Well, Adrienne I see you in there…..having known you 25 years!!! The author must be like a brother to you if you went for this piece…He is great, and you are shining through just by your conviction. Brad is a genius historian, no question. A good choice of team work!! Kudos to him for the piece and to you to work with his unquestionable talent. I always knew you had a good sense for true talent! How many have you discovered buy now???

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