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What You Did Not Know About Julia Roberts, By Adrienne Papp

By Adrienne Papp

For most people Julia Roberts is a legend, which title carries the appropriate dignity and respect she earned, but sometimes lacks the understanding that she is flesh and blood as the rest of us, except perhaps a lot more creative, determined, and sensitive. One cannot be a great actor without carrying a respectable amount of vulnerability and a great deal of receptivity of the world around them.  And one cannot be successful unless determined with a great deal of tenacity, just like Julia Roberts is.

Now, of course on top of that extreme sensitivity that getting into high intensity emotional characters requires, she also needs to “hold it together,” and cannot afford to “fall apart” like so many people out there who are being provided for, and taken care of regardless of circumstances. They are the ones not understanding the work involved before someone gains the title of a celebrity. It is easy to get a “nervous breakdown,” and such endless dramas, which demand others to carry the weight of the World for them, – in plain English: they suck the blood of the caretaker.This stunt work can be pulled off by many and even gets them sympathy, but never on a movie set.  Let’s not talk about where this behavior gets anyone in general! But, most people thinking that a life of a celebrity is easy belongs to this well cushioned crowd.

The assumption and perception that a celebrity’s life is peaches and cream  however would be much less possible if the reality was more often revealed about how one needs to show up on the set every day at 6 am fresh and rested and stay sometimes till 2 am and not complain about a single thing. Most importantly they must carry the weight of the entire film as if there was NO weight at all! For the camera sees it all, and the camera is merciless and will let nothing go unnoticed whether you are photogenic or not!

Topping this off comes the part of just getting the role and choosing the right project. All this takes a tremendous effort  from any actor including Julia Roberts and a tireless commitment. Boy, we are off the wagon as fans in our imagination of their flawless lives, aren’t we?

But, creating fuzziness and the lack of factual reporting in the media leaves a whole generation with ignorance as a mess epidemic, which  nevertheless has served the media and even politics more than anything. Lately everything seems to be mixing with entertainment, including politics. Well, of course most politicians are great actors, but without any emotional attachment to the character they play and absolutely no honesty at all! In fact most politicians aim for achieving a celebrity status and the admiration that it brings just to get ahead and gain the votes they need!  Telling the truth is not that appealing anymore unless it is mixed in with a great deal of sensationalism, – unfortunately almost like some fashion trend.

But, going back to the world of art: Talent does not just randomly create its magic, but it is soulful and giving.  It does not leave success up to life’s chances and complexities and it does not believe that life is just a big chaos over which we have no control at all.  And, we all are victims of this big something called “LIFE” that nobody really understands anything about. Nobody successful has ever thought that way, coming from a rich or poor background just the same.  The ones who made it understood the juice of life subconsciously or not, and forged ahead with unstoppable force for there is no other way to the road of success.

Actually, as a side note: one of the biggest discoveries of the 21st century is the understanding of Chaos, which is the basic element to all birth in life: The Chaos Theory, without which there would not be anything new, or any creation at all of any kind. And, in my opinion it has no end and  no beginning, but it is infinite for chaos never ends and it never begins. It just is.

And it’s basic message is simple: although you do not know how and through which variables, collisions, accidents, or so called ‘tragedies,” which are perhaps hidden blessings, coincidences, serendipities and everything else in between that is elastic, going into all the variables, but yet you will arrive to the very same END result as if the variables were different in any which circumstance in various ways.  One way or another, sooner or later it all arrives to the same end result.  And, this very end result IS what is predictable: The Chaos Theory knows this end result, but does NOT know the HOWs!

All it takes to make it in life is to see the big picture. Unfortunately though when you do not see the big picture the in-betweens become your every day focus to the degree that you micro manage, get lost in meaningless details, lose sight of the goal and as the result will start attracting that which you most probably do not want at all, and the more you do not want it, the more you will have it and so you go on a Ferris wheel, not knowing that you can just step of it any time.

The 21st century, sorry folks, I do not mean to disillusion anyone, but is really about breaking up the bull completely!  2010 is not about the end of the world in a literal sense, but rather the end of the World, as we THINK of it! The exact same power that creates all negativity inside and outside you is also able to create the biggest achievements there are! In fact being rich is easier than being poor. Becoming rich and successful is a way of thinking and not some random happenstance.

That is how simple it is. It is time to get “real, “real in the sense of waking up, for a change, to change! Unfortunately we tend to forget that life is a privilege.

Just one example: Jesus did not say, “Go and sin no more” because he was just in the mood! He said it because he understood and taught Quantum Physics already 2,000 years ago to humans who would not understand the language that scientists understand today. He taught the Laws of the Universe, which of course was almost completely misinterpreted!  I have seen countless examples of true stories that most often end up in court when someone falsely believes that sinning is fine  for as long as one can ask for forgiveness and then they go out doing  the same thing again, exploiting others, then asking for forgiveness yet again, and so the story spirals. However, neither Jesus, nor Quantum Mechanics says that it is okay to sin over and over again until we destroy the Earth and each other.   And, this is one of the messages of the 21st Century: Within and not without! One for all, and all for one,  how you think is who you are, and are becoming every day: “Cogito Ergo Sum,” or in English “I think therefore I am,” as it has become most popular in its expression throughout the past decades from Descartes.

Not that in this piece I want to credit Julia Roberts with all of the above, the chaos theory, and other transformational recognitions, but I believe she is  demonstrating  to us how important it is to live life with consciousness.

The set of her latest film is in Cancun, Mexico, and we are discussing Roberts playing Elizabeth Gilbert in the big-screen adaptation of her soul-searching memoir, Eat Pray Love.

Ryan Murphy, the movie’s director describes Julia as “the kind of actress who people project dreams onto and love and feel safe to follow anywhere”.

A Hollywood A-lister, statuesque in a shimmering Balenciaga top and Céline heels, she is a powerful presence, her famous mouth even more pronounced in the flesh. But for all the gloss, there is an earthy quality to her, a grounded, no-bullshit approach to life. As Murphy puts it, Roberts “lacks the narcissism that most actresses have”.

Of her personal spiritual journey, and believing in past lives, she is pragmatic: “Do you wake up one day and realize you have found yourself? Everybody wants it to be this big moment where God talks to you, but you get to the place you are searching for step by step, I think,” she says.

And what I LOVE the most is this statement from her:

“When you end up happily married, even the failed relationships have worked beautifully to get you there.”

This statement basically means that not only we can influence the future and change it in every single minute, but also can change the past. (This is a Quantum principle that I fully believe in.)  I have a story like that myself. I pray that the person I am referring to will know in his heart of hearts and will Eat, Pray, Love until such day when the past will be just as happy as the future can be!

About the Author of This Article:  Adrienne Papp is a recognized journalist who has written for many publications including Savoir, Beverly Hills 90210, Malibu Beach, Santa Monica Sun, The Beverly Hills Times, Brentwood News, Bel-Air View, Celebrity Society, Celeb Staff, It Magazine, Chic Today, LA2DAY, West Side Today among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles / New York-based publicity company, Atlantic Publicity and publishing house, Atlantic Publisher. Adrienne writes about world trends, Quantum Physics, entertainment and interviews celebrities, world leaders, inventors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. She also owns Atlantic United Films that produces and finances true stories made for theatrical release or the silver screen. Spotlight News Magazine is owned by Atlantic United, Incwith Adrienne Papp being the majority shareholder.

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