Dr. Joy Kong, the Woman Behind the Most Advanced Anti-Aging Therapy, Chara Omni

Dr. Joy Kong

By Adrienne Papp


By any standard, we’re living in an age where modern medicine can produce miracles with almost any given ailment through a variety of therapies and the effectiveness of medical technology. These days we have the ability to diagnose disease and eradicate the problem much more effectively than ever before. At the same time, we also live in an era where health consciousness, mindfulness, and mind-body relationships have come into the mainstream as a way of preventing disease and living a much healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Joy Kong is one of a new generation of medical specialists who has learned to incorporate many disciplines to help her patients. Growing up in China, she was able to witness the effectiveness of ancient eastern medicines and treatments, even in her own family, where combinations of herbs and plants were used to cure the most serious of diseases.

Those treatments and their success might have been the impetus, the inspiration for her becoming the medical professional she is today, which she did with a passion upon her arrival in the United States. Her most unique and influential story has started setting her path and an example for others. Arriving in California, Dr. Kong graduated as a valedictorian from San Francisco State University and completed her medical training at UCLA School of Medicine, with an additional stop at the Mayo Clinic.

As she developed her medical philosophy, Dr. Kong became a firm believer in the therapeutic potential of cell therapy, and is now practicing advanced cell therapy, including stem cell applications, at her southern California-based clinic.

“I was always looking for an opportunity to combine different disciplines and treatment methods,” explains Dr. Kong. “I believe in rejuvenating a person from the inside out. That’s a very powerful approach to healing and applies to chronic conditions as well as anti-aging techniques.



It was also a point of view that was not traditionally embraced by western medicine, which focused on diagnosing the symptoms and then eradicating the problem through surgery or prescribed pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Kong applies a “big picture” approach to her patients, looking at their health from many points of view – physically, psychologically and spiritually. “Maybe it was because of my background, growing up in a different culture with a different medical philosophy, but when I started in medicine, I wanted to offer an integrated approach to working with patients. I wanted the freedom to be able to use any of the disciplines that I thought would be effective in helping and healing my patients.”


This approach has provided Dr. Kong with a full arsenal of medical therapies that can help relieve and eradicate a wide variety of diseases. If we consider that most diseases start at the cellular level, then it becomes obvious that keeping those cells in a healthy and balanced state is often the key to preventing disease. Whether it’s bad diet, stress, smoking, hormonal imbalances, pollution or any other of a number of lifestyle factors, these environmental influences can affect the health of our cells. We can all be subject to the conditions that affect the cell’s reproductive process and send us down the path to chronic disease.

Now, with over 15 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Kong has proven herself as an accomplished practitioner who employs all the medical disciplines at her disposal to help her patients live longer and healthier lives.

“I believe that integrative cell therapy addresses all the underlying causes of most diseases,” Dr. Kong explains. “When I begin the analysis and diagnosis, I’m asking myself, is it a nutritional deficiency? Is there excessive inflammation? Does the patient have the right balance in their digestive system, their gut being a crucial part of their immune system, or are their hormones out of balance? Any of these conditions can create a problem in the person’s health. So, we look at the lifestyle and diet and I order an extensive panel of tests to help get to the root cause of the problem. These usually go much further than the typical blood tests ordered by most doctors. I will check for micronutrients, including vitamin, mineral, amino acid and antioxidant levels, inflammation indicators, lipids, carbohydrate metabolism, plus hormonal levels. This covers about 80% of the causes that might have negatively affected our health.”

Once the patient has been thoroughly analyzed, Dr. Kong can then determine the best treatment to help revitalize the diseased system and rejuvenate the body. “Most of my treatments involve IV therapies,” says Dr. Kong, “but I also do a significant amount of joint and soft tissue injections.”

“For acute conditions such as sports injury, a single treatment is often all that a patient’s needs. For chronic conditions, after thorough evaluation to detect other factors may be contributing to the underlying causes of the disease, the patient may require multiple treatments to bring them back to a steady healthy state.” “I also have a lot of patients who are quite healthy, but come to me for anti-aging purposes. They come in every three to six months to receive IV treatment to maintain their vitality and to slow down the aging process. What we’ve found is that inflammation is a big contributor to the aging process and chronic illnesses. In fact, a common medical term used is “inflamaging,” as inflammation is the main cause of aging,” explains Dr. Kong.

Now we have a powerful and holistic tool to reduce excessive inflammation, as well to balance the immune system and help awaken the body’s regenerative mechanisms.”

It’s in the area of stem cells that Dr. Kong has been doing her most innovative and effective work. Stem cells are the key to repair damaged tissue and maintain our vitality. However, as we age, the number of stem cells available to help do the healing work decline drastically. “When you’re born, 1 in 10,000 cells is a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) — the most important cells in orchestrating the regeneration process,” Dr. Kong explains. “When you reach your teen years, only 1 in 100,000 cells is a mesenchymal stem cell, and as you get to your forties, the number drops to 1 in 400,000, and in your eighties it is 1 in 2 million. It is not only that the numbers that are diminishing, the quality of the stem cells also diminishes, so does their ability to do their job effectively. So, as we get older it becomes harder to bounce back from our injuries or illness.


“When you hear the term ‘bone marrow transplant,’ that’s a form of stem cell therapy,” says Dr. Kong. “The mesenchymal stem cells are the designated cells of regeneration in the body. In every tissue where there is a blood supply, you’ll see these cells huddling over the blood vessels, ready to take action when needed.”

Over the course of her research, Dr. Kong has introduced her own line of products as a way of maintaining the type of quality she was looking for in treating her patients. “With our product line at Chara Biologics, we had a goal of providing the best regenerative medicine products in the country. I was inspired by the incredible results and transformations I saw in my patients, but was discouraged by the lack of consistency and integrity in the regenerative medicine industry.”


Unable to find exactly the quality of stem cell product she needed, Dr. Kong came up with an innovative formula leading to the creation of CharaCore, which has been selected by an independent research organization to be the product of choice in a large nationwide IRB-approved clinical study on the effect of stem cells on osteoarthritis. “This product contains over 20% of mesenchymal stem cells, and my patients have been getting wonderful results with this treatment,” says Dr. Kong.

The term “miracle worker” has been thrown around a lot, but with the potential shown by the use of stem cells, as administered by Dr. Joy Kong, it seems like the promising work and research done on this advanced medical treatment will produce healing and health for a great many patients in the future. I myself cannot wait to improve my health by working with Joy, who is always uplifting, joyously true to her name, and completely immersed with you as her patient, making you feel as if you were one with her engaging personality and professional excellence. There is something personal with her, you feel at home. She is more committed to her research and her unique and effective therapies – in order to serve you better than the best – than anyone I have ever met. Joy is a jewel.


“What we provide with our Chara products is the closest thing have come to in terms of a so-called “fountain of youth,” says Dr. Kong. “Whether it’s something like an injury, an autoimmune disease, a neurodegenerative condition, or chronic infection, the use of stem cells provides new hopes for alleviating people’s sufferings. I wish more doctors are willing to tap into this incredibly powerful tool to help our patients.”


But Dr. Kong’s talent and determination does not end there. There are two books in the making about her extraordinary and passion-driven life (her memoir Tiger of Beijing is available in October this year), while she remains actively engaged in clinical research on stem cell therapy and is triple board-certified physician by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine and American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Joy Kong has been featured on American Airlines. For more information and special anti-aging treatments please visit; Youthful and Ageless.com

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