Self-Actualization or Self Sabotage? Part Two

Adrienne Papp Discusses What She Learned in nearly Twenty Years As a Publicity and Marketing Professional

Part Two

A few years ago, when Adrienne Papp of Atlantic Publicity invented and started writing a back and front office of a new International marketing platform called Youthful and Ageless™, she conceived it as a place where millions of consumers could access information on anti-aging research, academia, health and wellness, and also a place where entrepreneurial companies could position their products in a highly accessible way to their laser sharp targeted customers every day on Television, which to this day is unheard of and has never been possible before.  And just like with everything that is new people are baffled, but the smart ones get it fast and get ahead everyone else even faster!!!! As Papp says” The REAL DEAL is NOT COMING, it has ARRIVED!”

In this conversation, – the second part of the interview, – Papp discusses the various personality types when it comes to run a business and how far people venture to stay afloat. Papp is a big believer of Quantum Physics and the Science of the Mind and how the various spices on Earth are behaving and reflecting the true creation, which takes us back to God whether thru mathematics, which is the most factual of all, or theoretical quantum physics as well as practical quantum physics, all of which cannot be concluded or even described without arriving to God. Papp holding a Master of Science In Economics, majoring Logistics and 5 other degrees from 3 different Universities confesses “the creation of the mind, which is the brain in action, as it exists scientifically and defines everyone’s energy field and thought process, which then creates their reality. That reality is either true or not, but eventually makes the person act out to their detriment or their glory almost 100% of the time.

Youthful and Ageless

A more evolved thought process creates a very high vibrational frequency, which we all emit on one level or another,-  and thus invite in the people who are on the same vibrational frequency. These are your friends and spouses ( if you are lucky:=)) or people who wants to use you. A joyful approach to life can only produce joy. This is just one of the laws of the Universe.  A specific focus on human behavior is important because it influences the evolution of the planet and all living spices on it. And, staying on topic: when it comes to bad or good publicity people provoke that which they do not know or understand, and this counts for nearly 90% of small companies to fail, (Statistics of SBA.) I will cite some more data as well, but this is the bottom line. Greed of course is one of the most “beloved human nature,”  which was so perfectly demonstrated in the film “Devil’s Advocate” starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. I myself was on the set and those lessons stayed with me for life.”

Papp became an American Citizen based on the government awarding her “A national Treasure “ shortly after 1992.

Q: How do you deal with problematic clients, those who see the advantages in the services you offer, but who seem intent to commit fraud or self-destruct?

Adrienne Papp and Jason Isaac

AP: “I used to take it to heart because I follow a systematic approach, which means I provide more value than is paid for. I also have a “sensory read” for the person’s IQ and general intelligence. But then I realized that people outside the world of media and publicity do not know the amount of work going into it and unless they pay for my time to teach them I will just leave it up to their own decision in terms of what they are capable of producing. Then later, they realize it did not achieve much and the natural tendency is to blame anything or anyone possible, spin everything to avoid personal responsibility and be accusatory, abusive and arrogant. However, I am not responsible for other people’s decisions. It would be impossible anyway because I am not one of their brain cells.”

“In a market economy, it is very interesting to see that the success of the person’s company directly correlates with their brain capacity and mental intelligence. In a centrally controlled economy people basically stop thinking and sometimes exploit others and even flat out lie to the courts demanding amounts they never earned and fooling the Judge and spinning the system. To the detriment of our society people sometimes go too far and claiming false claims, lying left and right ( I do not mean politically)  only to burden the system to the degree that everyone loses it. In an environment like these real values no longer exist because we do not have the time anymore. Everything and everyone are overloaded and overwhelmed. That is when people become dangerous.”

Adrienne Papp of Atlantic Publicity and Walter Murch

“Unfortunately, in our speedy and randomly corrupt society some overbearing and over-indulgent people  get away with a behavior that we no longer have the time to even notice. These people simply exploit the system. But, when they little trickerydoes not work they pay the ultimate price and basically are driven out of business. Defamation is a bit different because the person committing this horrible injustice and ill-will against their fellow human are acting out of the subconscious and completely destroy themselves despite outside appearances. This self-destructive and sick mind-set process is sooo consuming that it cannot even be helped while the person is in  business. They reach a point where they do not have a choice anymore due to a need to survive. These patterns only can be “understood” and helped by  a phycologist  if the person self-sabotaging is even intelligent enough to notice that they are self-destructive.



These people could have the most genius products or services,  but the inner beast MUST AND WILL ACT OUT. The question is only WHEN.  I myself just have to stay disciplined and be true to my fiduciary duties and avoid negative environments and toxic people. I am very fortunate because while I sacrificed everything and risked ALL that I have ever had to develop this platform while working 100% at the same time ( and I am not paid hourly), overcoming cancer, I do not owe a report or an explanation to an investor or investors like literally 100% of businesses with this caliber and invention do. I did it all by myself. And looking back the past 6 years I could not even tell you how I survived. God did not give us fear ( fear is the illness of the crooked), but God gave us a sound mind. I think that is what has seen me through and the support of the people where I live because the rest of everyone, including my family and friends did not even understand what I have been working on. In fact, they were against me including the very people who worked for me for over 15+ years.

Q: Another client had a problem understanding how the process works, the ways that you can uniquely position and promote them. Can you explain what happened?

Youthful and Ageless™

AP:  “I myself am a consumer of anti-aging products and services as well. When I am asked to review a product and publicize it, I need to try it, of course, to see the results. Sometimes people ask me to write a whole article without ever giving me the product line I am supposed to write about. So, these are the hiccups that can happen in the world of marketing. It is actually something we teach at universities ( I personally was a guest professor at Oxford) : the manufacturer and the marketer almost never get along. The manufacturer wants to make what he/she sees is a great invention, and the marketer wants to market what the public needs and wants to buy, so the two do not usually go well together as an axiom in marketing.”

“In one particular case a very ill and delusional person persistently lied and fooled even the court system. Invented stories. These are the companies that at some point or another will cease to exist. And, they should because they sell products that they systematically need to lie about. In another case someone posed as an attorney and he was not. That is ground for an arrest, but again the owner of the company is a farm girl who only knows how to bulldoze, intimidate and bully everyone. These are shameless people and it always turns out whether I write about them or not.

So, I never worry about it because I am only interested in one thing: THE TRUTH!

Then there are those who make it their life mission to be as destructive as possible while thinking that they are grandiose, and thinking that if they achieve something specific among other threats, (ex: posting on the net that they are suing this person and the other,) they will gain leverage, while in fact they only gain shame and exhibits small mindedness, will never achieve capitulation from the truth, but rather they unveil their scams. Intimidation and intentional infliction of emotional distress is not my cup of tea. But surprisingly enough it is a lifeline for many for as long as they can destroy and “rule.”

Adrienne Papp In the Famous Karolinska Institute of Sweden

The interesting part is that these people are “saints and queens” you would never think  they are vindictive. One time I was charged $ 5,000 to see an intuitive “anti-aging” healer whose first question was: “have you EVER been emotionally abused?” – only for her to turn around causing me 3 months of PTSD. These people sometimes are not even licensed for the work they sell, the environment is unclean, yet they scam the public. They are a hack unveiled until they get caught.”

“But I love my job and I have come up with a platform that not only extend the life of everyone’s publicity but establishes them as an authority in the field of the Youthful and Ageless™ International Movement. And, I am very, very proud that my company is the first one in the world due to the very exquisite logistics of the platform. I have earned everything I own with a tremendous sacrifice, but I am here to help achieve success for those honestly contributing to a better society.  And, as Steve Jobs would say, ‘Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.’ In reality the more clients or even people working for my company self-sabotage the more successful my company becomes and is able to initiate a change even if on the smallest level to start with. But the truth always grows, and you can never make it go away no matter what you do. You can either live a lie every day or live in truth and joy only to attract more of that. But you cannot be in between because at your death bed you are not going to want to say: I died living a lie and a music in me that I never expressed or experienced.”

Dame Adrienne Papp and Dr. Sir Garth Fisher

“We can help our clients cut through all the internet noise and chatter and connect with their very specific customers that want to find these extraordinary companies. We love to do that, to make them successful, even though we have to contend with a few bad actors here and there who are shooting themselves in the foot when they could be a true winner on our platform. They rather die away, or cheat, or commit fraud just to satisfy their ego. I no longer work with companies like that and it bothers them. The truth bothers them.  AND……DO THEY SHOOT themselves in the foot for immediate gratification? YES! EACH AND EVERY TIME! For immediate gratification and vanity is probably the number one sin as Al Pacino said in Devil’s Advocate.

Adrienne Papp Interviewing Terrence Stamp, Lifetime Achievement Award

Luckily, we do not have any competition, which is something that Nick Mysore (of the famous “Got Milk?” Advertising campaign head) has been talking about in his many marketing seminars around the world. We are going to start a podcast together as well. What some marketers and publicists do not like is that this platform makes their work completely unnecessary. Therefore, they advice their clients against it. That is a shame because that particular doctor will lose its position pretty fast.

I would like to finish this interview with my approach to life: “The single motivator in my life has always been love, but I learned it needs to be reciprocal.”   And I would like to close with the amazing, life-changing and principled but youthful, fresh, unique and ageless quote from Jobs:

“ Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square hole

es, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things – they push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Adrienne Papp, Rock Climber
Adrienne Papp at the Ranch of Anti-Aging Surgent of Youthful and Ageless
Adrienne Papp, Author of Cover Story of Kathy Ireland


About the Author of This Article:  Adrienne Papp is a recognized journalist, economist and feature writer, who has written for many publications including SavoirThe Westside Today Publications ; such as Beverly Hills 90210Malibu BeachSanta Monica SunThe Beverly Hills TimesBrentwood NewsBel-Air View ; Celebrity Society ; Celeb Staff It Magazine;  Chic Today;  LA2DAY;  West Side Today among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles / New York-based publicity company, Atlantic Publicity and publishing house, Atlantic Publisher. Adrienne writes about world trends, Quantum Physics, entertainment and interviews celebrities, world leaders, inventors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. She also owns Atlantic United Films that produces and finances true stories made for theatrical release or the silver screen. Spotlight News Magazine is owned by Atlantic Publicity that just opened a new extension to it : PublicityLosAngelesAdrienne Papp is a member of the International Press Academy.She is the Founder, CEO and President  of Youthful & Ageless ™, Bringing Information to Billions™, An Honorable Cause™ www.OurMediaVenuesAndCompanies.comAtlantic Publicity ArticlesLatest Ageless, Events Photo Collection, Linked In Profile, Movie Data Base  Profile, Twitter, InstagramYouthful and Ageless Google+, Atlantic Publicity Google+, Atlantic Publisher Google+Adrienne Papp Google+, Adrienne Papp Personal Google+Spotlight News Magazine, Atlantic Publicity Productions, Atlantic Altitude, Altitude Pacific, Atlantic Publicity Photography and Filming, About Adrienne Papp   What Others Say  AtlanticPublicitySEOBrilliantMarketing365An Honorable CauseAcademic ResearchKnighthood Today,    Youthful and Ageless™. She was knighted and became a Dame in 2010. Her official name is Lady Adrienne Papp and Dame Adrienne Papp. Voting Member of The International Press Academy and The Oscars: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She is the Managing Editorial Director of The Beverly Hills Times Magazine, and Hollywood Weekly. She has a Master of Science in Economics majoring Logistics; an MBA Degree; An International Law, Trade and Finance Postgraduate: Marketing and Advertising Postgraduate from NYU and UCLA. Guest Professor at Oxford University; Director and Producer of TV and Airline On Camera Editorials; Adrienne Papp Enterprises 

Adrienne Papp

Adrienne Papp

About the <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Author </a>of This Article: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Adrienne Papp</a> is a recognized journalist, economist and feature writer, who has written for many publications including <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Savoir</a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">The Westside Today Publications</a> ; such as <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Beverly Hills 90210</a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Malibu Beach</a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Santa Monica S</a>u<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">n</a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">The Beverly Hills Times</a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Brentwood News</a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Bel-Air View</a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> ; </a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Celebrity Society</a> ; <a href=",+Adrienne+Papp&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8" rel="noopener noreferrer">Celeb Staff </a>; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">It Magazine</a>;  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Chic Today</a>;  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">LA2DAY</a>;  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">West Side Today</a> among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles / New York-based publicity company, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publicity</a> and publishing house, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publisher</a>. Adrienne writes about world trends, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Quantum Physics</a>, entertainment and interviews celebrities, world leaders, inventors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. She also owns <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic United Films</a> that produces and finances true stories made for theatrical release or the silver screen. <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Spotlight News Magazine</a> is owned by <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publicity</a> that just opened a new extension to it : <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">PublicityLosAngeles</a>. <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Adrienne Papp</a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> is a member of the </a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">International Press Academy</a>.She is the Founder, CEO and President  of <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Youthful & Ageless </a>™, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Bringing Information to Billions</a>™, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">An Honorable Cause</a>™  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>. www.<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publicity Articles</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Latest Ageless,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Events Photo Collection,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Linked In Profile,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Movie Data Base  Profile,</a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Twitter,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Instagram</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Youthful and Ageless Google+,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publicity Google+,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publisher Google+</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Adrienne Papp Google+,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Adrienne Papp Personal Google+</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Spotlight News Magazine, </a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publicity Productions</a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Altitude,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Altitude Pacific, </a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Atlantic Publicity Photography and Filming,</a> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">About Adrienne Papp </a>  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">What Others Say</a>  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">AtlanticPublicitySEO</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">BrilliantMarketing365</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">An Honorable Cause</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Academic Research</a>, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Knighthood Today, </a>  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Youthful and Ageless</a>™. She was knighted and became a Dame in 2010. Her official name is Lady Adrienne Papp and Dame Adrienne Papp. Voting Member of The International Press Academy and The Oscars: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She is the Managing Editorial Director of The Beverly Hills Times Magazine, and Hollywood Weekly. She has a Master of Science in Economics majoring Logistics; an MBA Degree; An International Law, Trade and Finance Postgraduate: Marketing and Advertising Postgraduate from NYU and UCLA. Guest Professor at Oxford University; Director and Producer of TV and Airline On Camera Editorials; <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Adrienne Papp Enterprises </a>

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