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Self-Actualization or Self Sabotage? What Did Adrienne Papp, creator of the Youthful and Ageless™ Digital Platform, Discover in Over 20 years in Practice?

Adrienne Papp

By Chiara Ford

Five years ago, when Adrienne Papp of Atlantic Publicity started writing a new Internet marketing platform called Youthful and Ageless™, she conceived it as a place where millions of people could access information on anti-aging research, academia, health and wellness, and also a place where entrepreneurial companies could position their products in a highly accessible way to their customers. In a recent conversation, Papp discusses the ups and downs, the disappointments and rewards of a high-profile career in the business of publicity with a specific focus on human behavior and actions. Her new platform was designed to significantly shorten the average 17 years public awareness takes for a new company.  The platform has a number of other advantages, such as  advancing small start-up companies in a unique way while getting to their exact target demographics daily and without the chaos of the Internet.  The platform talks to millions of buyers directly every day, 2% of which buy as an academic axiom.


Q: To begin, what was the original concept for the Youthful and Ageless™ platform?


AP: “My original intent was to provide a platform that would allow small companies with wellness and anti-aging products to reach their very specific demographics on national television and airlines, and it would be on a continuous basis, which has never been possible before and nobody else can provide this service to this day in the way we do. The new consumer convenience factual findings state that the consumer has a 7 second attention span; therefore if you do not engage them emotionally to gain their attention immediately you will most likely lose them.  Along the way, Youthful & Ageless™ developed into a robust platform that not only includes a host of wellness companies, but also provides the latest information on the most recent various academic researches, including anti-aging research, cancer research, neuroscience, neuroplasticity and quantum physics as well as Ecology. We include these subjects as a humanitarian contribution. We also know that without the honorable companies that contribute to one research or another, modern medicine would not exist. Publications, however, view these giants as “Corporate America.” This means that the public never reads editorials about how much good these companies do and mostly looks at them as the main competition posed to entrepreneurs. I do not believe in that. I believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of America and without them market economy would not exists to start with, “says Papp, who also holds a Master of Science in Economics majoring in Logistics.”

Adrienne Papp

Q: Are there other unique advantages to being on the Youthful and Ageless™ platform?


AP: “The Youthful and Ageless™ platform is also designed to allow the voice of  entrepreneurs to be heard and compete in a vast marketing environment where old principals no longer work. We place these small companies on a number of very high quality and respected media outlets that otherwise would not be affordable to anyone.  Our publicity firm also has a long-standing involvement with the entertainment industry and also actively promotes movies based on real life success health stories, like “Living Proof” starring Harry Connick Jr. as an example. The movie brings together UCLA medical research discoveries, large corporations and even the entertainment business.”


Q: People think that a publicist’s life is an easy and glamorous job, but can you describe some of the things that can impair the success of your clients despite the best publicity offered to them? Why would a client not take full advantage of this powerful new platform you offer, especially while it is complementary from you although being on National TV every day in prime time is certainly unheard of?


AP:  “Youthful and Ageless™ engages the attention of consumers who are actively looking for youthful solutions and a healthy lifestyle, but without the platform cannot locate the best out there. Sometimes a client would self-sabotage in various ways; they cannot seem to leave their comfort zone, which is a very common human behavior and a condition to overcome originating from fear. Luckily, however, I only experienced 3 cases in 22 years.”


Q: Can you be more specific?


Adrienne Papp, President of Youthful and Ageless

AP: “While premature scaling for a small business, meaning too much too soon, is not favorable, having a presence on the market through a trusted, reliable and large-scaled source at all times is crucial, especially that there is not a higher-quality or bigger exposure even possible out there. This however might scare some companies in various ways that are not de facto.”


“As an example, a former client wanted a commitment from me to write a new book about her life and products, but even though I committed significant time and energy to the project, with which the client was very happy, they eventually backed out without reasonable cause. It was a fear-based decision that was unrealistic and only produced self-sabotage. Some clients expect us to take responsibility for their own decisions, especially in hindsight, despite our advice, but we cannot take the blame for their own decisions.”


Another two examples would be: some people completely abandoning their entire, – and  specially discounted project by us in an attempt to help those with less resources –  and just disappear altogether. Then, in an attempt to make some sense, they invent a story that our platform, publicity and the Internet directly oppose through our various media productions that is highly visible.



Q: How does this kind of client behavior affect you and your business process?


AP: “It is almost like the title of one of my old-time favorite movies “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” but what can we do other than remain professional even though it creates a loss for us? Some ‘would-want-to-become-our-clients-for-free’ go as far as causing PTSD, when they are in the medical filed. But these problems I believe are every day happenstance to all of us in the field of being at service to others.

Adrienne Papp, Inventor of the Youthful and Ageless Digital Platform


Q: How do you deal with problematic clients, those who see the advantages in the services you offer, but who seem to self-sabotage?


AP: “I used to take it to heart because I follow a systematic approach, which is always doing more than paid for. But then we realized that people outside the world of media and publicity do not know the amount of work going into it. I just have to stay disciplined and be true to my fiduciary duties and avoid negative environments. This principal is also our policy. Akin to having a great dinner at a restaurant but come back years later for a refund because after all, well…why not try? ”


Q: Another client had a problem understanding how the process works, the ways that you can uniquely position and promote them. Can you explain what happened?


AP:  “I myself am a consumer of anti-aging products and services as well. When I am asked to review a product and publicize it, I need to try it, of course, to see the results. Sometimes people ask me to write a whole article without ever giving me the product line I am supposed to write about. So these are the hiccups that can happen in the world of marketing. It is actually something we teach at universities: the manufacturer and the marketer almost never get along. The manufacturer wants to make what he/she sees is a great invention, and the marketer wants to market what the public needs, so the two does not usually go well together.”


Adrienne Papp

Adrienne Papp of Adrienne Papp Enterprises

“But I love my job and I have come up with a platform that not only extend the life of everyone’s publicity but establishes them as an authority in the field of the Youthful and Ageless™ International Movement. And, I am very, very proud that my company is the first one in the world due to the very exquisite logistics of the platform. I have given everything I own and that am in order to achieve success for those who have a brilliant product or service but are not recognized, –  and I did it without start-up capital, which is impossible. But I believe in bringing the unimaginable into existence.  And, as Steve Jobs would say, “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” Because in reality the more clients and sometimes even contractors, working for my company self-sabotage the more it resurrects itself, because guilt or missing out on a lifetime of opportunity is not easy to digest and sometimes it never goes away. One lives with it for life.”


“In some other cases the client may not understand what we are creating as a marketing venue and turn it down due to “ it is too new, I do not believe you, I discredit you” only for them to see us on television every day, just like we explained, and come back years later with various tricks to get on the platform or assuming that they will gain fame or funds by attaching themselves to my name or to the platform.”


“We can help our clients cut through all the internet noise and chatter and connect with their very specific customers ( Generation X and older) that want to find these extraordinary companies. We love to do that, to make them successful, even though we have to content with a few bad actors here and there who are shooting themselves in the foot when they could be a true winner on our platform.”

And, we do not have any competition, which was something Nick Mysore (of the famous Got Milk? advertising campaign) has been talking about in his many marketing seminars and on television: ‘Adrienne is the only one who not only understands but also practicing the new way of marketing brilliantly on her propriety platform. She also combines logistics, which especially is unique and nobody else does it.’


In closing Papp says: “ As a journalist I can always find that very special quality in each person that nobody else has. I do believe in the power of thought and the energy that makes up everything in our world. The single motivator in my life has always been love, but I have learned that it needs to be reciprocal.”


Youthful and Ageless  as Seen On Various TV Networks and on American Airlines 









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