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Emotions Run High at Jackson/Murray Trial

In what is shaping up to be one of the most sensational trials in U.S. history, Michael Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for the death of the iconic pop star. By Adrienne Papp

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Piers Morgan Tonight: Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray trial.

We all know how extraordinary, legendary and almost supernatural Michael Jackson was but that came with a price. No matter how much we all miss Michael Jackson he cannot be brought back though the Conrad Murray trial.

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Inside the 2011 Emmy Awards

Television is really what brings Americans together. The 63rd Emmy broadcast from the Nokia Center was celebrated in typical Hollywood style on September 18, 2011, By Adrienne Papp

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Beyond the Breaking Point

Surviving an Abusive Mother and Getting a Life Abundant. The case of Debra Pauli; a parental brutalization documented as the worst child abuse recorded.

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Arnaud Ozharun’ s World Famous Salon is the only one that is Organic

There is a general misconception in America as well as around the World that when something is called “organic” it is 100% organic. By Adrienne Papp

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