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If You Can Walk, You Can Dance, John Cassese

John Cassese’s story is more than inspirational. It warms the heart. He’s not only one of those who beat the odds, but he ended up following his dream and becoming a highly respected professional in the industry.

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Inside the MTV Awards with Adrienne Papp

The MTV Awards are always the biggest highlights of the awards season. Without all the pomp and glamour that comes with the other major award shows, By Adrienne Papp

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The Gracies Awards Honoring Women of Grace and Greatness By Adrienne Papp

What is there to say when you are sitting in one room with Suze Orman, Jessica Simpson, Andrea Mitchell, Jessica Yellin, Christina Norman, the Producer of the Oprah Winfrey show; Candy Spelling; the producers of Larry King Live; Maria Shriver, First Lady of California and Edna Sims

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Inside the 2010 Cannes Film Festival with Adrienne Papp

Even with the international community facing difficult challenges, the Cannes Film Festival remains one the world’s most prestigious film festivals, By Adrienne Papp

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I Had a True Passion to Create New Things…, The Late Dennis Hopper, By Adrienne Papp

Dennis Hopper and my Father shared one thing that I know about: the question, which I heard from both: “ If you could not create, would you die?”
And, as I ponder over it, I would certainly say, “yes.” By Adrienne Papp

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