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The Woman Behind the Scenes of a Medical Breakthrough

Dr. Obagi has become the world’s most famous dermatologist, but what’s less well known is that his empire has been managed by Samar Obagi, the doctor’s wife. By Adrienne Papp

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America Needs Young and Energetic Entrepreneurs!

“To be an entrepreneur means you can take your ideas and, with a vision and hard work, you can make a difference.” Les Meszaros

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The New Trilogy That is Taking Hollywood by Storm: Siren

Maybe nothing in the history of human creativity has had the enduring dramatic power of the classic stories told in Greek mythology.

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The World’s Oldest Order of Chivalric Knighthood joins with the Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem

The fact that the oldest Order in the world, established by the son of Constantine The Great of the Roman Empire, can still exist in southern California and not just in historic Europe is a testimony to the strength of the values that have survived for the past 1700 years. By Dame Adrienne Papp

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The Definition of a Modern Knight: Sir Dr. Zein Obagi

Dr. Zein Obagi, MD, a world-renowned doctor and true visionary in the science of skin care, has received many honors in his life, and has also been recently recognized for the greatest honors of all: Knighthood!

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