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Atlantic Publicity brings Jimmy Carter non-politically in front of millions of listeners!

By Michael Koehn

Atlantic Publicity, a Santa Monica, CA-based publicity, public relations and marketing firm has a recognizably widespread extraordinary reputation for the innovative and strategic ways it promotes its extensive client list, many of whom are celebrities, business leaders and well-known, or world renowned experts in their field. Atlantic Publicity has received a lot of favorable notice recently for its in-flight interview programming, currently available on American Airlines, Delta and U.S. Airways flights, which reach close to 10 million travelers on some over 100,000 flights in just a few days. This number climbs remarkably when Atlantic Publicity runs their programs for a whole two months at a time in a loop, on all audio-equipped flights. Combining the publicity firm’s CNN programming it reaches close to 330 million people in a short time period. These interviews are the only talk in-flight programming currently available on these airlines, and consist of brief but informative conversations with notable experts in their fields.  The list of programs includes conversations with Donald Trump, Steven Forbes, Madeleine Albright, Sarah Palin, Bill Gates and Steve Wynn.

Atlantic Publicity, Because You Have a Story

One of the most recent interviews brought to the listeners by Atlantic Publicity is with former President Jimmy Carter, showing the timeliness of this material in view of recent world events, revealing a man who is actively involved in global humanitarian projects that far surpass the effectiveness of his Presidency.  President Carter founded The Carter Center in 1982 with his wife Roselyn as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. In partnership with Emory University, The Atlanta-based center works to advance human rights and alleviate human suffering on a global scale, and has helped to improve the quality of life for people in more than 70 countries.  Honoring his ongoing efforts to bring peace to a troubled world, President Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

At the time the interview aired on in-flight programming, President Carter announced that he was on his way to Egypt to help that country in its transition to a democratically-elected government.  His timing is critical in view of the recent events have brought turmoil to the Middle East, and there is much work to be done on both the humanitarian and diplomatic levels.  Carter was active behind the scenes during the Arab Spring uprisings, working extensively with government transitions in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. To date, the Carter Center has helped monitor democratic elections in over 90 countries.

Carter’s foundation has a two-pronged approach to improving things in some of the world’s poorest and least democratic countries. 80% of the Carter Center budget goes to efforts to improve the health in countries with health and disease problems, and the remaining resources are used to promote democracy and peace.

In their efforts to improve the health conditions in neglected third world countries have resulted in the near elimination of many little-known tropical diseases.  Donating medicines and educating locals about preventative measures have resulted in the near-elimination of the Guinea worm, a parasite that had plagued 23,000 villages in 20 countries, and now has been reduced down to 125 cases annually. The Carter Center has also trained tens of thousands of local health workers in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

In addition to its health care and diplomatic work, The Carter Center is also widely-known for their Habitat for Humanity program which is now in its 29th year and has built hundreds of homes for low income families.

You can argue with his record as President, but President Jimmy Carter discovered his real calling and done his most significant work after his career in politics.  His tireless humanitarian efforts to improve the world have earned him unparalleled respect from the world at large, far and above anything he achieved in his Presidency.  Jimmy Carter and his wife Roselyn, through their Carter Center have now become legendary as humanitarians, and continue to offer their healing efforts to a world that continues to hurt in so many ways.   It’s a story that Atlantic Publicity is very proud to be able to share, while the firm is non-politically oriented at all, through its in-flight interview program on Delta, American Airlines and US Air where Atlantic Publicity (“our publicity company” as it’s called during the Delta interview) along with CNN airport networks enjoys a large number of audiences that would otherwise be absolutely impossible to reach. Atlantic Publicity’s Adrienne Papp is a true storyteller whose passion in life is creativity. Drawing attention to an urgently needed new way of thinking and a new paradigm in the world has been her focus of attention through her own stories for many years, but she most enjoys telling other people’s story with depth thus staying true to her magazine: Spotlight, Walking the Walk. “It’s time we walk the walk and not just talk the talk!” she says.

Listen to Jimmy Carter’s Delta/U.S. Air interview here:

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