David Litell’s nutraceutical, Cognition Ignition, scores high at the industry’s California convention

Cognition Ignition By David Litell

By Adrienne Papp

It only takes one tragic celebrity death, be it Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger, to make us all aware of the dangers of prescription drugs.  According to a CNN report, one person dies every 19 minutes from prescription drugs, making them a more frequent source of death than automobile accidents.  Like our tendency toward overeating and the various diseases that it creates, the dangerous consumption of drugs, especially when combined, reminds us that they are not the answer to living a highly productive and fulfilled life, rather, they are actually counterproductive to it.

Luckily the world is changing and moving in a positive new direction.  As part of this movement, we now have encouraging new products like Cognition Ignition, which offers advantages on many levels, all directed toward helping us live a happier, more productive, vibrant and fulfilled life.

Developed by world-renowned, David Litell, six years ago, Cognition Ignition is the result of his desire to create something that would help improve the lives of people around the world.

When I conceived of Cognition Ignition, I wanted to produce a supplement that would be available to everyone and would offer profound benefits to us all,” explains Litell, who has been in the media frequently, even on American Airlines just recently. “I’ve been in the nutritional industry for 30 years, and was thinking about all the health problems that our culture is faced with, from heart disease to diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, and allergies, – just to name a few, – but in addition I also noticed that people were having emotional difficulties, were losing memory, couldn’t focus, and generally have been living in a world where molehills started to become mountains. As a culture, something was terribly out of balance. We’re also living in an era when the agricultural soils have been depleted for decades, and for two generations we’ve been eating products created by the commercial food industry with substantially reduced nutrients, which also means significantly reduced nutrients for our brains.”

Litell began working to counteract this sad phenomenon and to restore key nutrients that activate enzymes and enhance neurotransmitters for restoring balanced brain performance.  He wanted to create a product that allows us to live our lives at our highest potential, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Litell originally began using Chinese herbs to improve academic and athletic performance in 1970 while a student at University of California Santa Barbara.  As part of his research, he began studying botanicals in traditional American styles and Chinese Herbal Medicine, using his anthropology degree as a starting point. With his extensive background in nutrition, which includes ethno-botanical knowledge – the way that indigenous people kept themselves balanced – Litell began researching the effects that various food, plants and herbs had on neurotransmitters in our brains. It’s a field that has been also brought to light by Andrew Weill, M.D., who has, at the time, been instrumental in talking about the mind and neurochemistry.

As Litell worked on the formula for Cognition Ignition, the ingredients came together in a way that allowed feelings of being focused, alert, happy and balanced – in short, the way we are naturally supposed to feel as opposed to what most of us feel due to our fast paced society with a great deal of uncertainty in the world. “I wanted to give people the opportunity to enjoy that feeling, and to enjoy it relatively quickly,” Litell says.  “This isn’t something that takes weeks or even days for the results to be felt.  Most people feel significant improvements in 60 minutes or less.”

This authentic and always cutting edge recipe for Cognition Ignition that David Litell came up with six years ago offers a tremendous advantage and numerous benefits in brain chemistry to people of all walks of life. It gives one the joy of feeling a sense of crystal clear mind contentment and happiness, – just as fully-functioning, highly-evolved humans naturally should feel, – which lends this product a great deal of credibility: Out with the stress and in with a renewed genuine you!

Research to improve cognition

“What I came up with is a formula that balances the huge volume of activities that take place at the biochemical level in the neurotransmitters that operate our brain chemistry,” Litell explains. “This activity has to be balanced for the brain to operate properly.  After extensive research and testing I finally had the product ideally formulated, and I decided to put it on the market.”

That was a decision that has offered multi-faceted advantages ever since for people around the world.

“Everything that I had hoped for, and a whole lot more, came together in this product,” Litell says. “People’s mental and emotional performance was improved in terms of focus, alertness, stability and calmness – just about all the things you would hope to find in healthy brain operation.  I initially introduced Cognition Ignition through health care professionals and in psychological clinics and counseling centers. It was used with people who were on Xanax or Prozac and similar pharmaceuticals, and many just simply decided to stop taking them of their own accord, which was really encouraging. We also had very good results with many veterans who had post-traumatic stress disorders, or other stress related problems, and now they were able to function daily and sleep without the terrifying effects that had haunted them previously.  With these results we knew we were onto something very positive and helpful, and began to feel very optimistic as testimonials validated the effects.”

“The problem with many of the very popular SSRI drugs prescribed,” continues Litell, “is that they work by blocking some of the receptors in our brain, and blocked receptors soon damage normal brain chemistry  telling a person that they’re not themselves anymore, and they tend to feel a little displaced and “foggy,” but sometimes, even much worse!  The blocked receptors will also tend to atrophy over time, preventing access to our normal higher mind functions like intuition and some of our higher powers.  As a result, people who get caught up in the grip of these drugs are never able to feel like their true, natural selves.”

Litell’s formula for Cognition Ignition is a result of extensive research in the study of nutrition and herbology.  “I wasn’t following the drug model, where there were just a few ingredients to create a specific effect,” David Litell explains. “I wanted to produce something that would get us back to our natural state and to find proper balance.  When it comes to brain chemistry, recognizing that there are more than 100 billion neurons in our brains, each with up to 10,000 connections is literally mind-boggling.  That’s a lot of brain power, and each of these neurons needs to be in balance with others and nourished properly.”

With Cognition Ignition, Litell found a way to provide the proper nutrients to our brain so that metabolism would be improved as nutrient uptake and waste removal improves, and a better dilation of the micro-capillaries occur so that nutrients could be optimally delivered, and an increase in the production of the body and brain’s natural energy molecules called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) would be induced.  “There is no need for stimulants with my formulation when you increase the brain’s own naturally produced energy,” Litell says.

It’s a formula that simply allows the brain to operate at higher, more productive levels and with a comforting sense of equilibrium and balance.  That’s been the case for a wide variety of people who have used Cognition Ignition, from military veterans, to students, and highly stressed professionals, all of whom have enjoyed the benefits of improved focus, energy and productivity.  “I’ve had physicians tell me that they’ve used it and have had an increase of about 2 productive hours in their workday,” Litell says.  “This is a product that can generally be used safely by anyone from kids with emotional problems to jet fighter pilots. Cognition Ignition is a natural way for people to restore proper brain chemistry so that they feel good and have a higher sustained level of functionality in their lives,” Litell explains.

Professionals in the entertainment industry have also recognized the benefits of Cognition Ignition, and the product recently received a high profile introduction at both the Grammy Awards and the Academy Awards in 2012 through Adrienne Papp’s Atlantic Publicity.

“The product uses very specific ingredients that help improve memory and help a performer become more focused and calmer, and even lands a better ability to remember lines thus enhancing their performance,” Litell says. “At the same time, it doesn’t reduce the emotional component like some commonly used anti-anxiety drugs. So not only you can remember what you are supposed to say, you can say the lines with the full emotional spectrum of one’s expressive intelligence. And it offers benefits at any age level. Excellent examples of performers who have taken care of themselves well, and are still productive late in their careers, are Clint Eastwood and Cloris Leachman, among many other great spirited stars who have realized that it is only normal to live a full and very active life well into their eighties,” says David Litell. One recent, amazing example of this is Christopher Plummer, who is the oldest actor ever having received an Oscar in the history of the Academy Awards at the age of 83.

The natural products industry is also a place where Cognition Ignition has enjoyed  widespread acceptance.  At the recent Natural Product Expo West held in Anaheim, CA, which was attended by 58,000 people, Litell’s Cognition Ignition was a big hit and a standout item in a very crowded field of nutritional supplements. Being recognized by his peer group is an important gauge of the effectiveness of this product, as industry professionals have realized the enormous benefits offered by Litell’s unique formulation.

As we move into a more enlightened age in terms of diet, health and spirituality, it has become obvious that Cognition Ignition is a product whose time has come.  It’s a nutritional supplement designed for a new age that includes ingredients of ancient healing practices as well as extensive advanced research.

At Cognition Ignition, they have a saying: “itadakimasu” An interpretation of this Japanese phrase when translated is: “With gratitude and thanks to the Creator, and to all  (the sun, earth, waters, elements, plants, workers, etc.) that makes this nourishment possible, I partake of it, and will use this gift to benefit others through the use of this nourishment in my spirit and actions 

That connection to all people and all things is our natural state of being, and Cognition Ignition offers a safe and natural way of making that connection. Isn’t that really the ultimate reason we’re all here?

To learn more about Cognition Ignition that will also be available as one of the most advanced anti-aging supplements, please visit:


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