The Film Catalogue Update – Aug 23, 2021

American Sicario
Completed (2021) | English | Action/Adventure
Company: VMI
Cast: Danny Trejo, Philippe A. Haddad, Maurice Compte, Maya Stojan, Jaylen Moore, Cali Morales
Director: RJ Collins
Based on the true story of America’s most dangerous drug trafficker “La Barbie”; Edgar Valdez, drug lord and cartel leader, works with the Feliz brothers. He wants to prove himself and asks to be trusted with 2 million dollars’ worth of car…

Completed (2021) | English | Biography
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Pat Metheny, John 5, Joe Bonamassa, Peter Buck, Robby Krieger, Lita Ford
Director: Sam Kaufmann
Ampire is a 90-minute documentary film which takes a fun look into the evolution of ‘Sound’: the Amp and the ever changing voice it has given the guitar. Ampire is loaded with laughs, great behind the scenes stories and some little known fa…

The Boy From the Wild
Completed (2021) | English | Action/Adventure, Documentary
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Jam Alker, Aimee Alker, Ryan Herrick, Terry Byrne, Alex Piazza
Director: Peter Meyer
Based on the International Bestseller on Amazon, “The Boy from the Wild”, this Documentary is brought to you by the Author Peter Meyer. He grew up on a Game Reserve in South Africa that was created by his father, who had a dream to set up a…

Completed (2021) | English | Action/Adventure
Company: VMI Worldwide
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Scott Adkins
Three million dollars are hidden in a luxurious condominium known as The Castle. Two vicious rival gangs led by Deacon and Shea (Lundgren), are after the hidden cash but before they can retrieve it, the building’s janitor Mike (Adkins) stum…

A Chance for Christmas
Completed (2021) | English | Comedy
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Tori Anderson, Mykee Selkin, Lisa Langlois, Tim Progosh
Director: Stefan Brogren
Social media influencer Christina (Tori Anderson) has the chance to become an ambassador for lifestyle brand, Love Handles, if her Christmas Eve special delivers two million engagements. But Christina’s life is far less perfect from the one…

A Criminal Affair
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Savvy Shay, Taylor Jabara, Jacob Taylor, April Martucci
Director: David Benullo
College students Julia (Savvy Shay) and Erin (Taylor Jabara) are creating a criminal profile for their criminology class and meet with their subject, Cole (Jacob Taylor), a man who claims he is falsely imprisoned for a crime he did not comm…

A Dangerous Defense
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Anita Leeman Torres, Sabrina Stull, Jason Tobias, Mia Michaud
Director: Ted Campbell
When Abby (Anita Leeman Torres) secures a job at a prominent law firm, her boss tasks her with representing Adrianna Cross (Sabrina Stull), her estranged sister accused of murdering their father. Police claim their father’s live-in nurse, B…

Daughter in Disguise
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Emily Alatalo, Steve Belford, Natalie Jane, Nicole Volossetski
Director: Christopher Redmond
Kristen (Emily Alatalo) and Justin (Steve Belford) are thrilled when their daughter, Olivia (Nicole Volossetski), returns home after being missing for six years. Olivia was kidnapped along with five other girls around the same age, but only…

Dead in the Water
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Catherine Lidstone, Angela Gulner, Peter Porte
Director: Nanea Miyata
When aspiring photography vlogger Tara (Catherine Lidstone) is dumped by her long term boyfriend, her best friend Amy (Angela Gulner) takes her on a weekend getaway to her family’s vacation lake house where Lucas (Peter Porte), a mysterious…

Completed (2021) | English | Comedy
Company: VMI Worldwide
Cast: Sienna Guillory, Burt Reynolds, Graham Greene, Shawn Roberts, Tammy Blanchard
A touching story of eight very different people who are at a crossroads in life and must make decisions that will forever change who they are. Jack must decide to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend Terri. Marina must reconnect w…

Dreams of Paper and Ink
Completed (2021) | English | Drama
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Tamara Lee Bailey, William Servinis, Neal Bosanquet, Emily Rok, Marlene Magee
Director: Glenn Triggs
Featuring no-dialogue, Dreams of Paper and Ink follows an elderly novelist Wade, who re-visits the crossroads of his first and 2nd love through imagination and a typewriter.

Fatal Following
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: René Ashton, Jacey Nichole, Jacob Young, Chad Bradford
Director: Nigel Thomas
When Heather (René Ashton) discovers her teenage daughter, Ally (Jacey Nichole), is missing, she immediately goes to the police. The police find Ally’s belongings by a river near a small town a few hours away and presume she has drowned, bu…

Finding Francis
Completed (2021) | English | Documentary
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Frank Spruill, Johnny Greenlaw
Director: Johnny Greenlaw Greenlaw
One man’s search for joy in life after finding out it’ll soon be gone.

A Fire in the Cold Season
Completed (2020) | English | Thriller
Company: Hewes Pictures
Cast: Stephen Oates, Michaela Kurimsky
Director: Justin Oakey
A whisper through sprawling forests and highway towns – a reclusive trapper and a heartsick mother-to-be are stalked by violent outlaws.

He’s Dead and So Am I
Completed (2021) | English | Comedy, Horror
Company: Hewes Pictures
Cast: Melanie Stone, Aubrey Reynolds
Director: Gabe Martinez, Gabe Casdorph
Two ghosts stuck in purgatory hatch a scheme to find a missing girl, in order to earn a ticket into heaven.

Killer Profile
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Lawson Greyson, Kendall Cato, Gina Simms, Derek Rivera, Meredith Thomas
Director: Ted Campbell
When high school senior Nicole (Lawson Greyson) becomes concerned her popular jock boyfriend, Liam (Derek Rivera), is cheating on her, she creates a fake social media profile under the name “Heather Harris” to test his loyalty. Liam passes …

The Last Son
Completed (2021) | English | Action/Adventure
Company: VMI Worldwide
Cast: Sam Worthington, Colson Baker, Heather Graham, Thomas Jane
Director: Tim Sutton
Isaac LeMay (Worthington), learns from a soothsayer that he is cursed and will be killed by one of his children. To prevent the curse from coming true, he tracks down his spawn, whose bloodlines are confirmed by a hereditary birthmark, even…

List of a Lifetime
Completed (2021) | English | Drama
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Kelly Hu, Syliva Kwan, Jane Sibbett, Jamie Kaler, Patricia Velasquez, Shannen Doherty
Director: Roxy Shih
When Brenda (Kelly Hu) is diagnosed with breast cancer, her friend Meg (Patricia Velasquez) encourages Brenda to find Talia (Sylvia Kwan), the baby girl she gave up for adoption years ago. Meanwhile, Talia, a writer, is struggling to come u…

Malicious Motives
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Juliana DeStefano, Revell Carpenter, Carrie Schroeder, Briana Femia, Conner Floyd
Director: Michael Hoy
Ashley (Revell Carpenter) is a popular high school student in need of a life-saving liver transplant. Her social outcast classmate, Katie (Juliana DeStefano), is her only donor match but is unable to get her lowlife sister and legal guardia…

The Middle Way
Completed (2021) | English | Comedy
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Jam Alker, Aimee Alker, Ryan Herrick, Terry Byrne, Alex Piazza, Tom Stukel
Director: Brian Hathaway Hathaway
The Middle Way is the story of Jam Alker’s childhood of trauma-abuse, neglect, and abandonment-and how he tried valiantly to overcome it. Through interviews and archival footage, this documentary traces how Alker’s tumultuous upbringing dro…

Old Henry
Completed (2021) | English | Western
Company: VMI Worldwide
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Tim Blake Nelson, Scott Haze
Director: Potsy Ponciroli
An action western about a farmer who takes in an injured man with a satchel of cash. When a posse comes for the money, he must decide who to trust. Defending a siege, he reveals a gunslinging talent calling his true identity into question.

Paralyzed By Danger
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Jessica Morris, Anna Marie Dobbins, Trey McCurley
Director: David Martín-Porras
After tragically losing her son, Martha (Jessica Morris) starts drinking and spirals out of control, causing her to lose her nursing job and custody of her other child. For the past year, though, Martha has been turning her life around to g…

The Protectors
Completed (2021) | English | Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Chris Massoglia, Ava Justin, Chris Abbey Jr, Leonard Searcy, Chris Massoglia, Gabriel Kamas
Director: Ben Hughes
After learning the truth about his alien ancestry and newfound abilities, Michael Matthews joins a group of local vigilantes struggling to protect their city.

Pups Alone
Completed (2021) | English | Family
Company: VMI Worldwide
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Jerry O’Connell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rob Schneider
Director: Alex Merkin
After receiving an exciting new job opportunity at a cutting edge Pet Invention company, Robert, his teenage daughter Jenna and their trusty and special border collie Charlie (Jerry O’Connell) make the move to the new neighborhood, right be…

Sea of Suspicion
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Michaela Kurimsky, Jack Fulton, Taylor Puterman, Alan Van Sprang
Director: Hannah Cheesman
When Anne’s (Michaela Kurimsky) former music professor, Natalia (Kelly Martin), suddenly disappears, Anne is hired by Natalia’s husband, Dominic (Alan Van Sprang), to be his kids’ nanny for the summer while they stay at their boathouse. As …

The Shattering
Completed (2021) | English | Drama, Thriller
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Murisa Harba, Timothy Ryan Cole, Charlotte Beckett
Director: Daria Nazarova
Claire has everything – money, a loving husband and a desired child. But suddenly her life changes. Doubts and lies bring her to the edge of insanity.

Completed (2021) | Action/Adventure
Company: VMI Worldwide
Before the unification of the Slavic people in 7th Century Russia, two neighbor tribes fight for power, while hordes of Avar invaders threaten their very existence. In the village of Great Table, a young healer and mystic by the name of Dra…

Completed (2021) | English | Horror, Thriller
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Chadwick Farley, Ebin Antony, Chelsea Ledsinger, Edgar Zanabria
Director: Tenill Ransom
A young Christian girl and her friends are vulnerable to demonic attack because of words spoken in their everyday conversations.

The Spot 313
Completed (2021) | English | Comedy
Company: Indie Rights
Cast: Darius Bennett, Tory Monay, Demaris Harvey, Crystal Hughes, Michael Adams, Mic Larry
Director: Lee H. Maloney
THE SPOT IS LIT. As underachieving cousins, Ty and Dee throw the craziest party of the summer. But things get out of hand when the money made from the party goes missing. What seems like a simple mishap quickly turns deadly, as the money in…

Therapy Nightmares
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Tommie-Amber Pirie, Veronica Hortiguela, Diana Cofini, Michael Delaney, Shaun McComb
Director: Penelope Buitenhuis
After escaping an abusive relationship with the help of her sister, Leah (Tommie-Amber Pirie) is now a renowned therapist and has recently released a memoir about her domestic violence experience. Hoping the book will help others in similar…

Twisted House Sitter
Completed (2021) | English | Thriller
Company: MarVista Entertainment
Cast: Crystal-Lee Naomi, Jennifer Freeman, Ali Amin Carter
Director: Courtney Miller Jr.
A chance meeting brings Alicia (Cr


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Adrienne Papp

Adrienne Papp

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