The Unhappiest Millionaire, Rich on the Outside, Broke on the Inside

Len Branson

By Adrienne Papp

DREAM2 presents another conscious production

Author, Filmmaker, Journalist Len Branson: “Money CAN buy happiness”

They’re out there. They’re rich on the outside but broke on the inside. Yet with all of their apparent wealth, they just can’t seem to find the path to true and lasting happiness. One man’s mission, is to help the Unhappiest Millionaires turn everything around through a massive transformation that ends with finding true riches on the inside. European author, filmmaker and journalist Len Branson aims to inspire a global audience with a real-life uplifting story on how being truly happy is within reach for all of us. Rich or poor!

It’s been said countless times, “Give me a million dollars and then I’ll finally be happy.” But, this is a bold statement that for many in the past has proven to be false. However, Branson is now going to showcase with his new TV-series and book The Unhappiest Millionaire that while being rich isn’t the key ingredient in the recipe of a fulfilling life, money actually can buy happiness. He explains: “You can have it all, do it all… but you can still feel dead and empty inside. In this inspirational program we’ll show how the so-called rich and miserable use their good fortune to acquire the knowledge that can lead to true happiness. The plot is of course that true riches always – no exception here – come from within.” According to Branson being happy is a birthright for all of mankind, “I’ve taken on this quest to inspire people all over the world with a transformational story about money and lasting happiness. I’m taking two very unhappy individuals – one super-rich, one less fortunate – by the hands for a 360-day self-development journey and present to them all that it really takes to be truly happy. Their daily lives, the adventure with all the ups and the downs, will be documented and turned into an uplifting real-life TV-series and a book called The Unhappiest Millionaire; an inspirational twist on the classic Disney film The Happiest Millionaire.”


Both selected participants have a huge challenge to face before they’ll be able to head off to a better life. “They will need to make a major commitment. The millionaire has to pay a commitment-tuition to enter the program, the less fortunate will agree to volunteer at least 1,000,000 seconds for a cause close to his or her heart. Branson asks: “How much is true happiness really worth? How much are you willing to invest in yourself?” Some thought-provoking questions indeed. “They need to be answered before take-off.”, explains the creator of The Unhappiest Millionaire.

“This is the newest innovation in personal growth and happiness cultivation. Cutting edge, raw and effective.”

~ Author, Filmmaker, Journalist ~

Len Branson

The program will take all involved to many beautiful places in the world. From Bali, India, Ibiza and Necker Island – the vacation retreat of Sir Richard Branson – to Belgium, China, South Africa and the US. Participants will engage in an odyssey of inspirational workshops, seminars, study courses and initiation into new, magical worlds of wisdom, Love & Happiness. Part of the program will also involve close encounters with inspirational leaders like The Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey. Branson says, “This is truly the most intense and all-encompassing personal growth program ever put together for someone. Change will happen. That is an absolute guarantee. When millionaires ask me, “How can I afford to pay for all of this?” My answer is: “How can you afford not to. This is about your life, your personal well-being. This is so much more important than anything else.” According to Branson the good news is, that by taking care of yourself first, you will prosper in everything else from business, to family and relationships to spirituality and health and so much more. “This is the ultimate one-stop-self-development-shop.”, he adds. A must-visit on the way to lasting happiness and a must-watch TV program for audiences all over the world.

Len Branson is CEO of his own production company Dream2 (, the founder of the Superwise Love Foundation ( and the creator of multiple self-help programs designed to help people find joy and fulfillment in life through the love and wisdom that comes from within. His most recent project titled, Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart (narrated by Michael Bernard Beckwith) is a documentary that follows nine inspirational teachers from the Lowlands, along with nine witnesses from Belgium and the Netherlands to the beautiful monastery La Cartuja de Cazalla in Sevilla, Spain on a beautiful and touching journey to self- discovery through sharing real experiences and answers to nine important life questions. Branson’s goal is to use a similar model for The Unhappiest Millionaire. He says, “There’s a spiritual buffet out there and I can inspire anyone to find true happiness through people, places, experiences and by connecting them with some of the most brilliant minds and content in the personal development world. This format is not only put together for the two individuals participating, their transformational stories, shared information and wisdom will be an inspiration to everyone watching. It will make you wanna go out there and create a better life, knowing that true riches is already there waiting to be activated by you. The answer is always you. That is the absolute good news! And truly one of life’s greatest lessons”?.

All proceeds of The Unhappiest Millionaire go to the Superwise Love Foundation.

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Adrienne Papp

Adrienne Papp

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