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Beyond the Breaking Point

Surviving an Abusive Mother and Getting a Life Abundant. The case of Debra Pauli; a parental brutalization documented as the worst child abuse recorded.

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A Novelty Women’s Online Media and Educational Network is Giving Women a Greater Voice

Women’s Online Media and Education Network began with a very large mission: to give women the opportunity to have a much larger voice. By Adrienne Papp, M.Sc.

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Emmys Insider 2010 By Adrienne Papp

NBC’s Sunday night’s live of the 62nd Emmy’s broadcast was a wonderful example of how to put entertainment back into the programming for industry award shows. By Adrienne Papp, M.Sc.

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A Soul’s Journey: The Debra Pauli Child Abuse Case

The Debra Pauli Story: The Worst Child Abuse Case in Recorded History. The unbelievable true story of Debra Luptak incorporates not only the impossible, but also the exceptional and unprecedented. By Adrienne Papp

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