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The Film Catalogue Weekly Update | 31 August 2015
Now in Pre-Production
Locked In
Pre-Production (2016) – English – Thriller,Action/Adventure,Suspense
Company Premiere Entertainment Group
Cast TBD
Director Carlos Gutierrez
A single mother must protect her daughter and herself during a heist gone wrong at a high-tech storage facility.
In Post-Production
Barcelona Christmas Night
Post-Production (2015) – Spanish,Catalan – Romantic Comedy
Company Filmax International
Director Dani de la Orden
Six stories, all played out over one holiday period in Barcelona, which celebrate that most universal of emotions… love.



Post-Production (2015) – Spanish – Black Comedy
Company Filmax International
Director Juan Cruz,Jose Corbacho
It’s New Year’s Eve and in one of Madrid’s main train stations, several passengers are taking their seats on the last high speed train of the year. The few passengers who are on board are eager to ge…
Just Completed
The Squad
Completed (2015) – French – Action/Adventure,Thriller
Company SND M6 Group
Cast Jean Reno
Director Benjamin Rocher
Buren is an old time cop who doesn’t play by the rules. In the Paris underworld his squad is never afraid to use their muscle and guns to enforce the law. With their every move under the scrutiny of…



The Crew
Completed (2015) – French – Action/Adventure,Thriller
Company SND M6 Group
Cast Sami Bouajila,Guillaume Gouix
Director Julien Leclercq
Yanis Zeri is one of the most talented armored-truck hijackers in Paris. Meticulous and brilliant, he always kept himself under the radar. His friends, Franck and Nasser, and his brother Amine are the…



Martian Land
Completed (2015) – English – Science-Fiction,Action/Adventure
Company The Asylum
Cast Alan Pietruszewski,Lane Townsend
Director Scott Wheeler



Night of the Wild
Completed (2015) – English – Horror,Science-Fiction,Action/Adventure
Company The Asylum
Cast Rob Morrow,Kelly Rutherford
Director Eric Red



Completed (2015) – English – Science-Fiction,Horror
Company The Asylum
Cast Marcus Anderson,Kaiwi Lyman
Director Glenn Miller



3-Headed Shark Attack
Completed (2015) – English – Science-Fiction,Action/Adventure
Company The Asylum
Cast Danny Trejo,Karrueche Tran
Director Christopher Ray



Mega Shark vs Kolossus
Completed (2015) – English – Science-Fiction,Action/Adventure
Company The Asylum
Cast Illeana Douglas,Amy Rider
Director Christopher Ray



Love, Again
Completed (2015) – English – Romantic Comedy
Company Daro Film Distribution
Cast Teri Polo,Paul Johansson
Director Michael Scott
A married couple on the brink of divorce are determined to keep up appearances when their daughter unexpectedly announces her engagement. Amidst the beautiful surroundings of the wedding resort, they …



Ditch Party
Completed (2015) – English – Action/Adventure,Suspense,Thriller
Company Adler & Associates Entertainment
Cast Noel Gugliemi,Daeg Faerch,Dee Dee Rescher,Marshal Hilton,Anthony Guajardo,Molly McIntyre
Director Rocky Costanzo
Five students trap themselves in the basement of their high school during an all-out assault on students and faculty, all at the hands of one disturbed student geared with guns and explosives.



Completed (2015) – English – Thriller
Company Mar Vista Entertainment
Cast Anna Camp,Stephanie Scott,Sam Page,Amelia Rose Blaire
Director Maggie Kiley
High school senior Allie’s secret relationship with Justin ?” a charming older guy ?” is the highlight of her otherwise mundane teenage life. What she doesn’t know is that Justin is a married man….



Most Likely to Die
Completed (2015) – English – Horror
Company Mar Vista Entertainment
Cast Heather Morris,Jake Busey,Perez Hilton,Ryan Doom,Skyler Vallo,Tatum Miranda,Chad Addison,Mari Miller,Johnny Ramey,Jason Tobias,Tess Christiansen
Director Anthony DiBlasi
Gaby has been dreading her high school reunion for months. It’s not that she doesn’t want to hang out with the old gang as one of the top players on the Texas Hold ‘Em poker tour, she’s come a…



The King of Havana
Completed (2015) – Spanish – Erotic,Drama
Company Filmax International
The King Of Havana tells the story of Reinaldo, a teenager recently escaped from a correctional facility his lack of scruples and sneaky ways his only defence on the mean streets of 1990s Havana durin…



Completed (2015) – Spanish – Drama,Comedy
Company Filmax International
Cast Ricardo Darin,Javier Camara
Director Cesc Gay
Two childhood friends are reunited after years without seeing one another. Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the two friends have made their lives on different continents, but when they meet again it …



Summer Camp
Completed (2015) – English – Horror
Company Filmax International
Cast Jocelin Donahue,Diego Boneta,Mayara Walsh,Andres Velencoso
Director Alberto Marini
Summer Camp takes the spectator on an adrenalin-filled rollercoaster ride in this innovative cat-and-mouse twist on the classic horror set-up of a group of teens alone in the woods. Looking for fun …
Trailer Now Available
Fear Paris
Pre-Production (2016) – English – Fantasy,Horror,Suspense
Company Bleiberg Entertainment
Director Joe Dante,Xavier Gens,Ryuhei Kitamura,William Brent Bell,Timo Vuorensola
FEAR PARIS is the first of a new kind of journey into cinema fantastique. Five wildly original, interwoven storylines culminate in a single, brilliant and epic finale, a Paris unlike anything ever see…

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