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Celebrity Shopping with Barbara Barran

By Adrienne Papp


Barbara Barran started Classic Rug Collection in New York City in 1999, and it wasn’t long before her  luxurious rugs attracted the attention of discerning clientele like Bill Murray and Rachel Ray, just to  mention a few of her celebrity shoppers. The unique designs also quickly found themselves in the offices of noted architect Michael Graves, on Wall Street, some government officials, in the collection of a well-known Greek shipping heiress, and of course also grabbed the attention of Hollywood.

With an early interest in historical sources, such as  Art Deco/Szecession, Barbara’s craft continues to showcase the most artistically innovative rug designs in the world. These unique creations reveal their refined quality with a simple touch, a feel of
handcrafted elegance and sensuality, gracefully dressing the room to a classic romance, yet bringing a playful and chic touch to its elements.

Barbara’s travels take her to Thailand, Nepal, New Zealand and Peru, creating original handcrafted rugs with luxurious and sensual materials including silk and alpaca. She also works with exotic and unusual fibers like banana, nettle and mohair, which allows for designs in any style, shape and color to the dance of the shades of nature. “Our clients can have exactly what they want,” Barbara says. “We can even have their initials hand-knotted into the corner.”

She has recently introduced a series of pure silk and pashmina rugs featuring Eastern-inspired designs, which are hand made in Nepal. “To my knowledge, no one else in the U.S. is showing contemporary rugs in silk with this level of quality,” says Barbara. My favorite is her Luxe Collection: astonishingly pure silk, rich and luminous adding warmth and radiance to the room. The pashmina rugs are cloud-soft to the touch, incredibly slim and refined.

These exquisite pieces have been shown and sold at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts along with numerous other museums and exhibits around the world, and as a crown jewel of their fairy tale historical path, ended up in Azerbaijan.

Destination Hollywood, this Classic Rug Collection of pure art and beauty isnow gaining attention from fashion to film and the taste of those shoppers with elegance and grace.

For more information please visit: or call 1888-334-0063 / 212 -832-3338


About the Writer:  Adrienne Papp  is a recognized journalist who has written for many publications including Savoir, Beverly Hills 90210, Malibu Beach, Santa Monica Sun, The Beverly Hills Times, Brentwood News, Bel-Air View and Celebrity Society, among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles/New York-based publicity companies, Atlantic Publicity and Atlantic Publisher. Adrienne writes about world trends, Quantum Physics, entertainment and interviews celebrities and world leaders. 
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